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Error on saving, git exit code (128)

Psychopy versions 2020.2.4 (but task coded in 2020.1)

I am having a similar problem to those logged here and here and here.

Namely, when I get to the end of my programme, an error message pops like the one below (note that this is actually taken from one of the messages above because I don’t have a screen shot of mine, but it is the same). After clicking ‘ok’ on the error, the data saves as it should and redirects to the next part of the study (another task hosted on pavlovia). However, I’m worried that participants will close down after seeing the error.

Unfortunately we encountered the following error:when uploading participant’s results for experiment: carolfs/magic-carpet-m
when saving data from a previously opened session on the server
unable to push data with key: PARTICIPANT_Magic Carpet Experiment_2020-11-24_21h04.07.383.csv to GitLab repository: Cmd(‘git’) failed due to: exit code(128) cmdline: git add /var/www/ Carpet Experiment_2020-11-24_21h04.07.383.csv stderr: ‘fatal: Unable to create ‘/data/run/carolfs/magic-carpet-m/.git/index.lock’: File exists. Another git process seems to be running in this repository, e.g. an editor opened by ‘git commit’. Please make sure all processes are terminated then try again. If it still fails, a git process may have crashed in this repository earlier: remove the file manually to continue.’

I have tried the fixes which seem to have worked for others: i) delete repository and do a fresh re-sync, ii) turn off logging, iii) turn off ‘save incomplete results’. The error is still popping up.

Would appreciate any help.

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Did this happen in PsychoPy or PsychoJS?

Coded in Psychopy builder with javascript code, deployed via pavlovia.