Error message when quitting the experiment under certain conditions

Description of the problem:

In my online experiment, there is a 1 minute break at trial intervals. Once the participant does not press the space bar to continue within 1 minute, the experiment will end immediately.

I add the code snippet in the End Routine part of the break routine:
if ((countdown_number === 0)) {
psychoJS.quit({message: ‘You waited too long! The experiment will end now and you won't be paid.’});

And I got the error message flashes for a second before the ending message:
Unfortunately we encountered the following error

  • when terminating the experiment
  • when flushing participant’s logs for experiment xx/xx
  • when uploading participant’s log for experiment xx/xx
  • Logs for this experiment have been saved more recently than allowed by the throttling period

Additional info:
I made the experiment save periodically (every 5mn) on Pavlovia, not sure if it’s relevant or not.
The data was actually being saved correctly as .csv file, but I did not check the .gz file

Thank you in advance for the advice!

This sounds very relevant since the error seems to be due to data having been saved too recently.