Error saving experiment data due to on-going git process

Description of the problem:

I had a several users report errors today after completing an experiment. It seems that the error was caused by an on-going git process blocking access the repository. Here is the error message they received:

I have never encountered this type of error before. I typically download manually in the console using ‘git pull’ as files come in. So, it seems weird that that would be the cause of the problem. This error was also reported when my console was closed and my laptop switched off.

Any idea of the cause?


I am having the same issue after setting up a new repo for a study. I synced everything just fine, edited the .js files to include a message in the schedule experiment bit and synced again. When running my study in piloting mode there is no error and I can download the data just fine. when running it in participant mode and I abort the study early when pressing Esc, I get a similar error message as the user above. I also took a screenshot of the console. I haven’t tried to run the whole study till the end to see whether I get an error there too but I would assume so.

When I sync the project, the data actually comes through but I am puzzled with regards to the error and worried about potential data loss.

@apitiot I have seen in other forum posts that you have been dealing with data download issues in the past. Do you have any insights?