Form displays differently online than locally

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I know that Forms is still in Beta but it appears to be quite close to doing what I want, so am wondering if I could hack this about a bit to get it nice.

Are there some variables in the JS that aren’t being set or something?

Local version:
(Excuse the nasty photo - Psychopy clobbers my OS in a wierd way that disables screengrabs)

This is very close to being acceptable - although - can I change the text size or font colour for the anchor labels OR the question text to differeniate them a bit? Thanks.

On-line version:

As you can see - the layout is very different. And somewhat broken.

Are there means by which I can get the online version to display more like the local version?

Thanks for any pointers.


Hi There,

One thing that might help is if you use “alt > enter” in your form items spreadsheet to insert linebreaks in your tickLabels (for example to force the “Strongly disagree” to wrap

Hope this helps to get started!

Hi Becca!

Thanks for that tip! Breaking up one or two of those pieces of anchor texts would be super useful. But… I’m not quite sure how to implement this though. I’m not using a spreadsheet for the anchors for some items. I define these in the component itself.

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 11.08.36 am

Can I add a line-break in here? I tried this but it did not work:

"Woman","Man","Non binary/ \\n gender diverse","Prefer not to say"


(If this isn’t possible it’s ok - I can live with it - but it would make things a bit neater if I could get this to work). :slight_smile:

Thanks Becca.


Hi Dan,

Ah - I though you were using the form component to generate your options? that screenshot looks like a slider component? to add line breaks inside a slider component use \n to add line breaks in a form component (for online use) use alt > return inside the labels cell of your form spreadsheet.

Hope this helps,

Hi @Becca!

Ah - terrific! Yep - that works. Now have line-breaks in those longer anchors and things look a bit neater.

Thanks so much!