Forms work locally on Psychopy but disappear on Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
My experiment uses text, audio, and form components. I had some trouble making the forms because the text kept appearing too close to the top of my screen, but I eventually formatted them to be centered by changing the Size.

Once the project worked well on my computer, I created a Pavlovia project and piloted it. It runs smoothly without any error messages, and the text and audio components work, but the forms are not visible. A blank screen appears instead. A keypress advances beyond them like normal, but I do not see any trace of text.

I tried changing the size, position, text size etc. settings of the forms from what worked on my computer back to the default settings and nothing changed. I don’t know whether the component is pushed offscreen or simply nonexistent.

Does anyone have any advice? Jsyk, the link here will not work right now because I don’t have credits assigned, but I can generate a pilot link if needed.

Forms have not yet been implemented for online use:

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Wow…that’s good to know. Thank you very much for this reply, now I can figure out some other way to do this. Appreciate it.

Hi, i’m trying to implement a Form in my expermiment and i’m facing the same issue, even thought froms are now built in Pavlovia (Status of online options — PsychoPy v2021.1). Is there anything i missed?

Hi @RJusiak, in the link you added I can’t actually see a table of components that are available for online use - am I missing something? I would be very interested to know whether forms are now available online.


Forms are in Beta online. Choice works but scrolling doesn’t (unless that’s a very recent fix). Personally, I’m going for embedded html (see my demographics demo)