Failure loading psychojs-2022.2.4.css from lib folder when starting the experiment

URL of experiment: IATmoblab [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
Hi everyone,
I am experiencing the following problem. When I try to run the above mentioned experiment online I get an error message along the lines Failure loading the resource psychojs-2022.2.4.css. The experiment works fine in the debug mode offline and the problem does not seem to stem from a failure to load a resource of the experiment itself but from the psychopy library. I noticed that a lib folder is created in the offline repository of the experiment and this lib folder includes the missing file. Yet it seems like such a folder is never created in git repositories, so the file must cone from somewhere. Any help on this would break greatly appreciated!

Hello Massimo

links to experiments in pilot mode expires within one hour. The offline mode is not a debug mode but rather the python aka PsychoPy mode, the offline mode uses JavaScript aka PsychoJS. The PsychoPy-Builder autotranslates the python code to JavaScript for online use.

Do you add a python library somewhere in your code?

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens,

Thanks for the quick reply. I did not ad the library myself in the code and would assume that this is automatically done when programming within the builder? In any case, strangely enough, the problem just resolved when I set the experiment to running instead of piloting mode. When I change it back to piloting mode the problem also does no reoccur. So it seems like changing the status of the experiment helped, no idea why. I tried to fix it in many other ways before but nothing helped.