Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (): js legacy error


I am having issues syncing the .psyexp experiment (Lucija Blaževski / FCT_ENG_v1 · GitLab) to Pavlovia with the 404 error:

The experiment was syncing normally before, while my PsychoPy version was not updated to the latest one.

The experiment was built in version 2022.2.4 and my current version of PsychoPy is 2023.2.1. Error is there when I try ‘Use version’ to be both 2022.2.4. and the latest version. What I noticed is that upon every sync attempt, the _legacy version of the experiment is automatically created:

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Try updating to 2023.2.3 (available from Gitlab)

Use Version doesn’t work online in your version.

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Thank you! After updating to 2023.2.3 and setting Use version to 2022.2.4., it works again.

I also have a similar problem but with different versions. I used version 2023.2.2 to build the exp and after upgrading to 2023.2.3 a few days ago, when doing some minor changes and trying to sync, PsychoPy thinks its a new exp. I deleted the older experiment from Pavlovia and deleted all the git / JS related files in the local folder. Synched again and created a new version with a new name. Now there is no Software Platform or version present. I get the same error when trying to run.



you need to solve this resource error otherwise your experiment will not run online.

Best wishes Jens

Thanks, I think I have sorted it (but unfortunately, not sure how I did it!)

The solution (to get builder to generate a .js file and not just a legacy.js file), was to specify that PsychoPy use v 2023.2.3. No other version would work.