"Initializing" Screen due to a "MIME" error

URL of experiment: Coline / AgeFokRC · GitLab

Description of the problem:

Dear all,

Before everything else, I’ve looked at the different topics and threads. I may feel despaire with python and javascript as this is my first time using both. So far, I’m only using Builder. I’ve tried to look at the Runner and Coder to compile the JS script.

I am trying to run an experiment online, which is running locally; but, I got the “initilaizing” screen not moving forward.
For example, I have made sure to get:

Therefore, I’ve looked at the code of the page, which shows me this error (translated from french to english) - when using Firefox :
"The error message “Loading the module at “https://run.pavlovia.org/Coline/agefokrc/AgeFokRC.js” was blocked due to a prohibited MIME type (“text/html”)”

Then, I’ve looked at the different related threads:

when using Google Chrome, I got the two error messages:

I have also read the debugging page (Troubleshooting Online Studies — PsychoPy v2023.2.3) but I may not understand fully what I’m supposed to check or not.

Any help would be useful,

Thanks a lot !

Hi There,

Sorry you are experiencing this! Please can you try the following:

  1. Delete your existing pavlovia project (this might seem scary but it is so we can make a fresh project!)
  2. rename your .psyexp file “agefokrc”
  3. In the experiment settings of the project :experiment_settings: name the project “agefokrc”
  4. show hidden files in the existing folder and be sure to remove any .git files (this “disconnects” your current local folder from any pavlovia project)
  5. try to resync a new project called “agefokrc”

essentially it looks like the problem is due to a mismatch in the compiled .js file and the .js file that the experiment is looking for on launch, your error shows it is looking for the file “AgeFokRC.js” but that file does not exist in your gitlab repository.

Hope this helps,