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Extending Size of Rating Scale?

Hello All,

I am currently working on a rating scale where my lab has choices that change after each trial. Everything is working smoothly except for the fact that the text is so long some of the words are overlapping. When I started writing the experiment, I was using short notes such as cat1,cat2,cat3,cat4, but now that the categories have been determined, the length is creating a problem.

Aside from shortening the choice (which would make the experiment (for the participant) more difficult), what would you all consider doing? Is this something that has been asked already?

An example of the words being shown would be “Chocolate Factory”, “University”,“Library”, “Cafe”.

I should mention that I’ve already got some code in here to make the rating table move, so I am not sure if this belongs in the coder or builder section.

Thanks Everyone!

What happens if you insert a line break between words? e.g. ‘Chocolate \n Factory’ instead of ‘Chocolate Factory’.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the suggestion!

It helps a little bit (the words are not overlapping as much), but there is still some overlap depending on the order of the words. I do wonder if there is some variable I can change that will allow the rating scale to use up more of the screen.

Have you tried just setting the size of the rating scale to be > 1 (on the “Advanced” tab)?

You can probably also change the size of the text markers to make them smaller, perhaps via the “Custom” tab.

I didn’t think about increasing the size of the scale, doing that looks promising. What is worrisome is how changing the text size seems to override my code. It now goes from being a rating scale with the words, to a rating scale with only two words displayed (one at each end).

I will try to see if I can change the size in another location, I wonder if that makes a difference.