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Using rating scale for multiple choice question


I am really new to Psychopy and don’t have a lot of experience with coding and so I have been working in the builder. I have been using PsychoPy to create this multiple choice experiment where participants would be first show a stimulus and after the stimulus disappeared, they are asked to choose between two corresponding choices. The stimulus and the choice changed for every trial.
I am having trouble with setting the two choices using the rating scale. I do not know how to set the rating scale so that both choices will be presented and changed accordingly for each trial. Can I set it as the choice for the rating scale or should I instead present them as text above the rating scale? Can someone help me?

Hi @Qiushan_Liu,

If you want to present two choices to participants, I think it is better and easier to draw two rectangles on the screen. Rating scales are for continues responses such as Likert scales. Moreover, it is difficult to manipulate it in each trial. However, you can easily change the location, text, and stimulus with these shapes.

For example, you have two “Correct” and “Incorrect” option responses. You can counterbalance the position of these options for every participant. You can also change the labels (“Yes” and “No”) for some trials. But you need a little bit of coding for these manipulations.

If you are thinking of using rating scales, you can do so by setting 1 as lowest value and 2 as highest value and have two labels in the rating scale component, then you can add two text at each side to show your choices.


Thank you for your reply. Do you know if there is an easy way for me to add the two text at each side in builder? I don’t know if there is a function to align my text box. Thanks!

It is pretty easy. You do not need any functions. You can add two text component from the builder view and set the position. You may need to do some trial-and-errors to find the best position for your text. In defining the position, keep in mind that the first number is for horizontal position and the second one if for vertical position. So, [0, -.2] is the bottom-center and [.5,-.5] is the upper-right corner of the screen.

You can watch some tutorials on Youtube to get a better idea of how to create components in the builder view. Check this out:

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