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Rating scale with categorical values not stretching


I am using Psychopy3 on a MacBook (standalone).

I am trying to add some questionnaires like the PANAS into my psychopy but I’m not sure if I’m doing it in a really long way. I have been adding a text box of the items and then putting rating scales next to each question so participants can choose their answer. I have done 2 questionnaires with only the slight problem of not being able to see a number under each tick (just the first and last number on scale), but not a big issue.

The problem came when doing the PANAS questionnaire where the scale is categorical= (‘Very slightly or not al all’,‘A little’,‘Moderately’,‘Quite a bit’,‘Extremely’). This means alot of the scale overlaps and I can’t get all the words in the scale.

What I tried: I used the code component of the rating to add stretch=2

This stretched the scale perfectly but it defaulted back to the number scale from 1-7 and I cannot seem to change this no matter what I change on the builder components of the rating scale.

How can I stretch the rating scale to fit all the word options participants can choose from

thank you,

maybe even decreasing the font size will do?
although i tried using the custom part of the ratingScale for this again using textSize= 0.5, the same thing happened as when I use stretch=1, the scale defaults back to a simple 7 point linkert scale

I also tried using the slider but there isn’t a code component here so I can’t modify it that much

@minipsycho, have you tried the new Slider? It is a new style of rating scale that you may find more useful. Have a look at one of the Builder demos called ratingsNew to see an example of what can be achieved using the Slider.

Thanks for replying @dvbridges,
I have tried looking at the demos and the new slider, I can’t seem to make it stretch using that one though, although it’s good for adding labels under the ticks of the line.
I still have the same issue where I want to add multiple scales and want to make them small but wide so all the options are visible