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Can't download experiment results - experiment works PERFECTLY

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

My experiment is working perfectly. I’ve done two trial runs for it on Pavlovia and, just to double check, used one of my credits to send the URL to a friend of mine for a proper run. My friend told me the experiment loaded and worked perfectly and he was able to complete it without any issue.

I went to download his session on Pavlovia to make sure I knew what to do when I collate official results.

However, the only downloading format it allowed was with “WinZip”. When I did my trial runs, the results downloaded directly onto an Excel file and were perfectly accessible yet now they won’t download.

Can somebody PLEASE help me with this?

Hey! K, let’s see what’s up. First I’ve got some questions for you:

  • How did you try to download your results?
  • Were the results of your own trial run still OK?
  • Did your friend complete your experiment up to the end? (as in when you get the green dialog box)

Have you set the data to save in database format? If so you get a .log.gz zip file for each participant but get the actual data in an AllParticipants CSV file when you download results from your main experiment page.


Thank you so much for your replies. I apologise sincerely for not responding as I was convinced I had solved the problem but I have encountered yet another.

I have posted again with a similar issue pertaining to file format.

And yes I’ve got it on “Database” format and no I don’t seem to have any csv equivalents in my downloads

P.S: would you be so kind as to read and reply on the latest post I made today as that contains more information

Many thanks again