Experiment Won't sync: need help with fast-forwards

My program is in Builder and while it previously worked it now won’t run, it doesn’t give me any sort of error, it just never initializes the run. It also won’t compile to script.


I think serious JavaScript syntax errors might cause this. There are various places to look for them, but I would look at the runner first. What messages do you get when you try to sync

Have a look at my crib sheet (pinned post) to see if you have any of the issues mentioned there (such as importing numpy or random).

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Thanks for the reply! The project doesn’t have any errors when syncing with pavlovia, but it does get stuck on initializing the experiment.

here’s my experiment if you want to take a look at the code.

I can’t see your experiment. Please could you post a pilot link. I think I’d have an hour to click on it and look for errors in the console (as per my crib sheet).

It doesn’t give me a pilot link. Would this work? https://run.pavlovia.org/amill99/dare/html/?__pilotToken=9bf31c7ff062936a96d3c8bd1f8f2ff3&__oauthToken=d688a6183695d089c5bca72fc3b01e674ae47e0a1daba98c455d3095590122dc

The error is that it can’t find https://run.pavlovia.org/amill99/dare/html/DARE_2.3.js

Is that file in your html folder on Gitlab? I looks like your experiment hasn’t synced.

Do you get a green icon when you sync from PsychoPy? What messages do you get in the runner?

How I’m getting this message when I try to sync the project:
Pushing to Pavlovia for the first time…Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Applications/PsychoPy3.app/Contents/Resources/lib/python3.6/psychopy/app/pavlovia_ui/project.py”, line 516, in syncProject
File “/Applications/PsychoPy3.app/Contents/Resources/lib/python3.6/psychopy/projects/pavlovia.py”, line 822, in firstPush
File “/Applications/PsychoPy3.app/Contents/Resources/lib/python3.6/git/cmd.py”, line 548, in
File “/Applications/PsychoPy3.app/Contents/Resources/lib/python3.6/git/cmd.py”, line 1014, in _call_process
File “/Applications/PsychoPy3.app/Contents/Resources/lib/python3.6/git/cmd.py”, line 825, in execute
git.exc.GitCommandError: Cmd(’/Applications/PsychoPy3.app/Contents/Resources/git-core/git’) failed due to: exit code(1)
cmdline: /Applications/PsychoPy3.app/Contents/Resources/git-core/git push -u https://oauth2:84f1e04b65ec2e04228591290209e0606616237d268bf8a8bf9c8cd3f9959134@gitlab.pavlovia.org/amill99/dare.git master
stderr: ‘To https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/amill99/dare.git
! [rejected] master -> master (fetch first)
error: failed to push some refs to ‘https://oauth2:84f1e04b65ec2e04228591290209e0606616237d268bf8a8bf9c8cd3f9959134@gitlab.pavlovia.org/amill99/dare.git
hint: Updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you do
hint: not have locally. This is usually caused by another repository pushing
hint: to the same ref. You may want to first integrate the remote changes
hint: (e.g., ‘git pull …’) before pushing again.
hint: See the ‘Note about fast-forwards’ in ‘git push --help’ for details.’

The projects in the first two lines I deleted but they don’t have anything to do with my current project.

Have you been working on this experiment from multiple computers? It sounds like the sync is failing because it’s too different from the current version online.

Do you have multiple experiments in the same folder? That might cause the issue.

I’ll change your title to something more relevant.