Experiment will only run in Mozilla, not Microsoft Edge

I have an experiment which runs fine in Mozilla but when I try to run it in Microsoft Edge it says “undefined” (nothing else) and won’t run. Any ideas on how to fix this? Cheers

We’ll need to know some more about your problem and what you tried. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make a separate version of your experiment and start removing parts of it until it works. Last part you removed is likely where the problem is.
  • This “undefined”; where did it show up? What did you see?

Hi @thomas_pronk, thanks for your reply and I apologise for not providing enough information.

I don’t think your first suggestion would solve my problem as my experiment runs perfectly fine in Firefox and (on a mac) Chrome. So I don’t think it is a problem with the experiment itself. At first I thought it might be the script (as it was programmed in an older version), so I reprogrammed the whole thing in the latest version but the problem remains.

So it is definitely a browser problem, not a programming problem.

As I said, it runs fine on chrome and firefox. When I run it on safari on my mac, every time a key is pressed an annoying sound is made! Again I searched the forum but can’t find an obvious solution to this problem.

In Microsoft edge it doesn’t work at all. It just says “Initialising the experiment”, and then a white screen comes up with the word “undefined” in the top left corner. Nothing else. Perhaps you can see it for yourself using this link:

I’ve searched the forum and other people also seem to be having issues with different browsers, but I can’t find a solution to the problem. I guess I could instruct participants to only run it in firefox or chrome, but that’s not ideal. The safari error (sound with every key press) is especially worrying as this would pose a major confound in my experiment (and had I not trialled the experiment in safari by chance, I would have never known about it!).

Thanks again for your help

A suggestion might work for you.
If this is not an experiment related to sounds, you can simply turn off the sound on Safari. Go to address bar and mute the bar.

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could be a little more specific which Microsoft Edge browser does not work? It is working for me in the newest Edge

But not in Internet-Explorer/Edge beta

Best Jens

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