What causes inconistencies in running experiments using different browsers, and how can I fix it?

I have an experiment which works just fine in Firefox.

But when I run it from my Mac using Safari, every time a key is pressed an annoying sound is made. I searched the forum and others also have this problem, but I can’t find a solution to it? Does anyone have a solution?

When I run the experiment in Chrome from my Mac it runs just fine.

Coincidentally, when running it from my windows laptop, it runs fine only using Firefox. When it tries to launch in Microsoft edge an error comes up saying “undefined”.

Of course this will be an issue for collecting data, as I have no idea what browser my participants will be using…!

Surely other people must encounter these issues as well, it can’t just be me?
Any solutions are gratefully received!

Hi Arturo,

I have encountered similar problems. However I just tell my participants that they must use firefox for the online experiment!

Thanks Tandy! Okay, I guess it’s not ideal but it will work… What I find more concerning is the beeping when Safari is used. Had I not trialled the experiment in every browser myself I would not have known about it, and it would have created a significant confound for my experiment, so I am surprised this problem is not advertised more widely!
Thank you again for your suggestion!

Hi @Arturo
If your experiment is not using sounds stimuli, you can ask participants to turn off the sounds on the website address bar.
Simply click “mute the tab”. It is not an ideal solution…