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Experiment not saving data from Slider

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

I can’t see any data from the “slider” component in my .csv files.

There’s this within the code:

function ideologiaRoutineEnd() {
  //------Ending Routine 'ideologia'-------
  for (const thisComponent of ideologiaComponents) {
    if (typeof thisComponent.setAutoDraw === 'function') {
  psychoJS.experiment.addData('Ideologia', slider.getRating());
  psychoJS.experiment.addData('Ideologia RT', slider.getRT());
  // the Routine "ideologia" was not non-slip safe, so reset the non-slip timer
  return Scheduler.Event.NEXT;

In my understanding, it should be saving the data. (The routine ends when you click one of the ratings of the slider, then moves to next routine. It seems to work fine though I can’t see any marker)… But when I open the .csv file there’s no “Ideologia” nor “Idelogia RT” column with the values of slider.getRating and slider.getRT

I’m attaching one .csv files just in case.

PARTICIPANT_ComportamientoLinguistico_pilot3_2019-06-17_16h50.53.226.csv (17.6 KB)

Hi @imarchesini, I see the data is not being saved. Your short term solution is to add a loop around the routine and set nRep to 1. This will present the routine once, and your data should save. In the meantime, I will have a look why the data is not being saved in this scenario.