Exeriment only partially saves results

MacOS Monterey
PsychoPy v2021.2.3 standalone

I have a simple experiment (which will also be an online study) where participants are presented with two images (called “bilder” and “Satze” in the attached image). The files are read off a list using “pop” in both cases (as also visible). Participants have to rate one of these pictures using a slider.

As visible in the screenshot I attached my experiment consists of two parts (visible by the two trials with loops around them). In the second part participants are presented with one picture which they should rate.

In the csv file produced under “data” the slider responses are saved for the first part, but what is not reported is which images were shown.

The second part works fine.

Any help would be appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

Solution: Add a code component. In “Begin routine” write:

thisExp.addData('bilderle', bilder.image)
thisExp.addData('satzeles', Satze.image)

With “bilderle” and “satzeles” being the names of the columns added to the csv and “bilder” and “Satze” being the names of the components inside PsychoPy. I hope I will be able to translate this into JavaScript :joy: But I will probably find this somewhere :slightly_smiling_face: