Using slider for rating - Results not all saving after running experiment in CSV file

URL of experiment: EDMUrgeToMove [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I created an experiment in PsychoPy Builder designed to collect continuous ratings while listening to audio as well as enjoyment and familiarity Likert ratings. I’ve made the experiment and synced it to Pavlovia and it seems to be running alright. However, when I look at the CSV file after I tested it on myself, it seems like not all the results are being saved for the continuous ratings. It is also saving in a very weird format. I’m genuinely lost as to how to fix this.

Additionaly, I added code in the experiment in PsychoPy to have a timer every 0.25 s per routine to collect ratings and that doesn’t seem to be working either - however I could just be misinterpreting the CSV. This is less of an issue at this point

Any help would be greatly appreciated