Experiment not running after changing experiment info


I’m trying to change the initial message shown before the experiment begins - I did this by going to ‘experiment settings’ and then and entered the text that I wanted (instructing participants to create their participant id code) into the ‘field’ box for ‘Experiment info’.

However when I changed the text the experiment doesn’t start and it seems that it does not like anything other than a single lower-case word. There is no error message at all, it just simply doesn’t run the experiment.


Please could you show a screenshot of your experiment info dialogue box?

Hi there yes of course please see below :slight_smile:

It looks like you are able to start the experiment, or does it fail when you click OK?

The issue could be length or punctuation. Try without the colon and then without the commas. It should definitely work with more than one word.

Yes, when I click OK nothing else happens. I’ve tried simplifying it in many different ways but it only works if it is a single word in lower case. For example, ‘Participant’ fails to work but ‘participant’ is fine!

What version of PsychoPy are you using?


Try upgrading to 2020.2.10

This isn’t an error I’ve come across but I might not have spent much time using that version.