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Experiment quits after dialog box


I’m using PsychoPy v.1.85.4 on High Sierra 10.13.3 (17D102).

I’ve build an experiment that runs fine until I make changes to the experiment info (info dialog) to add some fields (age, gender, etc.).

When I add the fields and save the changes, the experiment quits right after I enter the info experiment info.

I’d be grateful for any tip on how to address this issue.

Many thanks,

See experiment attached.

irun.psyexp (11.9 KB)

Hi @Genevieve_Allaire-Du, do you have an error message? It is possible that you are getting this error because you changed the default experiment settings"participant" field. If you keep one field as “participant” in experiment settings it should work. This is required because the PsychoPy code uses the “participant” field to create filenames.

Hi David,

No I wasn’t getting any error message. I had changed the “participant” field and putting it back to default makes everything run smoothly again.

Thank you for your help,