Unable to add text to empty 'Participant' field in initial dialogue box on pavlovia

Has anyone experienced being unable to add text to the initial dialogue box (part of the resources download prompt)?

I have specified ‘session’ a priori as 001, and ‘participant’ as empty in experiment settings. I downloaded the newest version of psychopy and have built experiment up from scratch with this version, 2021.1.4, so I’m not sure if there is anything I should be including in order to allow user to enter text in the participant text entry box? I didn’t notice anything in crib sheet about this error. Anyone else experience this and resolve it?

Otherwise, the experiment is working OK (getting to the green box prompt at the end of task). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


I’m not sure I understand your error. Please could you show a screenshot of your experiment settings and of what the dialogue box looks like when you start the experiment.

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Here is a screenshot of the dialog box:

And here is a screenshot of the experiment settings:

Are you able to change the session number?

What happens when you try to type into the participant field?

No, I’m not able to change session number in any way. And It shows a cursor when I click in the empty box by participant, but doesn’t take any keyboard press (number, letter, etc.). However, it does bring up a drop down of some of the previous numbers used from other experiments (via drop down).

I’d see what happens if you try a different browser or computer, or restart your computer.

Thanks. I’m going to send link internally to others in our lab to see if they replicate. I have replicated the same issue with 3 browsers (safari, chrome, firefox) and across 2 monitors (laptop, external) and 5+ restarts with each configuration on my end.

Is there anything unusual about your keyboard?

Not that I’m aware of. I have used both laptop and a Bluetooth keyboard in the past and w/o issue on this dialog box w/ other experiments in previous versions of psychopy. But I’ve replicated issue w/ both keyboards for this task. I’ll be interviewing participants beforehand, so I should be fine combining this information w/ their other data (ie ill know their time onsets). Just thought it was a bit weird behavior and was curious if I was missing something w/ this version of psychopy.

And keyboard entries during the task don’t seem impaired in any way.

And the same problem (not being able to add text to initial experiment info - ‘participant’ dialog box) has been replicated by 3 other people.

Please could you put a live link here (or new pilot link if you aren’t able to add credits)?

@thomas_pronk any ideas?

Could you make me a maintainer of the experiment so I can take a peek? My gitlab username is tpronk

@thomas_pronk I’ve added you as a maintainer on the task for the next day. thanks for taking a look! if you have any suggestions let me know. and if you need access longer, let me know. there are confidential items in the task, so i want to limit access to the directory and not put a link on the forum.

Hey again. Just tried, but I can’t get into your project I’m afraid

Hi @thomas_pronk ! Sorry, that was my first attempt adding a member w/ expiration and thought it would last later into the day that the access expired (27th). I’ve added you again through April 30th. Sorry again for the inconvenience and if you are able to give another look, it would be appreciated!

Thanks! I took a look and I found the problem. In your “Welcome” routine, code component “code_2”, tab “Before Experiment”, there is this bit of JS:

window.addEventListener("keydown", onkeydown);

function onkeydown(keydownEvent) {

That prevents the default handling of keydown events (which includes typing in text in the expinfo box). By disabling this code, I could type something in for participant. If the code is required for your experiment, perhaps moving it to the “Begin Experiment” tab would work as well?


Perfect, thanks! Yes, I included this to prevent the noises associated with button presses if someone needed to use Safari. But will adjust per your recommendation. Thanks!!

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