Experiment ended with exit code 1 [pid:5665]

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
Experiment ended with exit code 1 [pid:5665]

Can you please share the entire error message?

Yeah.First of all thank you very much. Now my problem is how to change the text on the website?And where could I find the “PILOTING” on the website.

Which text are you referring to?
You can change the experiment’s status via the experiment page via Pavlovia.
For example:

Yeah I just wan to know where the experiment’s status via the experiment page via Pavlovia. And I don’t have the permission to convert to online publishing. What should I do? It says 4500 pounds to buy. Sorry to bother you.

To change the status of your experiment to ‘Running’ you have two options:

  1. Buy credits - £0.25 per participant
  2. Buy license - £1,800 for unlimited participants

Does it answer your question?

yeah, that’s very useful, but I can not find the page which can proceed to a website link. Should I need to pay for it so that I can find this page? Thank you very much. It is my first time to use this software. I need to publish it online as my paper data. I am looking forward to your reply. best wish. Massimo

Hello, there has another question, How to solve this question?

Did you insert the relevant links in the Completed/Incomplete URL?


It isn’t easy to answer about the error without getting more context, but it might be connected to the version of your GPU drivers. Are they up to date?


Thanks for your reply.

Yes. I downloaded the latest version of it .2022.2.5. The the computer is a Mac.

I haven’t filled in the complete or incomplete URL. I am not sure which I need to fill in it.

By the way, when I want to run this in the pavlovia.it showed that error 403

.Do you know how to solve this error.