Error when trying to run experiment online: sound files as an unknown resource

URL of experiment: Ellen Murphy / where what when ONLINE TASK · GitLab

Description of the problem:
When trying to run the experiment, I continually get the following error message:

Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • when getting the value of resource: song-3.wav
  • unknown resource

It happens for all sound clips. I have tried adjusting audio settings and have tried converting files to .mp3 but nothing is working. Additionally, when I try to open the sound files in the file browser section of the coder window, I get the error message - ‘failed to open ‘C:…song-1.wav’ Make sure that encoding of the file is utf-8.’

I would really appreciate any help.

Dear Ellen Murphy,

The error has nothing to do with the audio-fileformat. Pavlovia does not know/find the sound file you requested. You asked PsychoPy to use html as online Output path (which is no longer necessary in the current version 2020.2.10). The folder html/resources/sound contains only 1103.wav while the folder sound does not contain 1103.wav but only your mp3-files. Looks a little bit messed up. Did you get an error referring to 1103.wav? If not, then your audio-files might be in the wrong folder.

So, decide which folder-structure suits you, copy all files to the proper folders and delete the folders you do not need any longer. Adjust all pointers to the proper folders.

You have a rather large experiment. Skipping, through it, I found only one reference to a sound-component sound_1 in Break_btw. There you refer to $my_song which is set to constant. Where do you set the variable $my_song? Unfortunately, you did not program (auto-translated) the Python-code to PsychoJS, making it difficult to debug the code locally.

Best wishes Jens

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Thanks a lot for your help.