ERROR on Pavlovia: "when getting the value of resource: ...unknown resource"

I am working on an experiment with sounds (and sound recorder).

The experiment structure is simple and it is working fine offline and in local.
It doesn’t work in Pavlovia, showing error message (as attached image).

Can someone help me in this?
Thank you

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 13-58-20 test_ita_prova PsychoPy

Hello taniast

well, there are many posts like this in this forum. :grinning: So, you might want to consider searching first before posting.

Anyway, change \ to / Check the spelling of your files. While PsychPy is “tolerant” to spelling errors (case, different extension), PsychoJs is not. Is the file available for online use? So, do you have a directory datittrials/audio which contains provaa.wav? How do you load your stimuli? Notice that wav is a windows-file format. Consider using mp3 for online experiments.

Best wishes Jens

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Dear Jens,

thank you for your kind reply. I checked for other posts but I think the problem comes with audio files.

I changed the \ to /. I tried to change wav to mp3, but Psycho-Py doesn’t work with mp3 audio. and Psychojs seems not to work with wav.
How can I fix this problem?

Thank you for your kind answer.

The unknown resource error is unlikely to be related to the sound format. Here’s the current information about resources.

and trouble shooting

What I do is have a both code component to set the sound extension as ‘.ogg’ on the Python side and ‘.mp3’ on the JS side. Wav should work locally and online in most browsers, but not all.

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Thank you. Usually, I work on PsychoPy and then I sync it with Pavlovia. I’m not able to set audio in two different side. Could you please suggest some tutorial?

I’m really stuck :frowning: