Error when preparing the download of the experiment results

URL of experiment: run [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:
I successfully got a study hosted online and collecting data. I even downloaded some of my data to start my analysis pipeline. Yesterday, I went to download the data again (to get up-to-date), and I got this error.

I’ve tried refreshing pavlovia, and setting the experiment to inactive and back to running, with no effect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

I am having the same problem today…

I think there are some server related problems today, because I’m also not able to change the status of my experiments to running or piloting…

Hello @D3njo ,

Could you give me the full path of your experiment so I can have a look?


Hello @johnnydubois13 ,

I just had a look and I believe that the issue started when you created sub-directories in your data directory: real and test, presumably to organise those results. Regretably, the backend currently expects the data directory to be completely flat, i.e. no sub-directories. Hence the error.
But I think your usecase is perfectly reasonable and valid so I will be modifying the back-end in the morning in order to handle it.


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Hi Alain,

the path to the experiments is:

One of them was already active, but after changing the status to inactive I’m not able to switch back to running again.

Thank you. I just had a look at the server logs and attempted to change the status of the experiment myself.
The difficulty stems from the fact that a “lib” directory was committed to the project repository when the experiment was first created, 10 months ago (it is part of the initial commit). It contains version 2021.1.3 of PsychoJS. Regrettably, this is not the standard approach to pushing experiments online: the pavlovia back-end is the one that handles PsychoJS, typically by creating a link, which it cannot do on this occasion since “lib” already exists. As a consequence there is an error.
The issue is that this error was not communicated back to you by the front-end, which is my mistake, and something I am in the process of correcting as we speak.
But certainly, I would recommend that you remove the lib directory from your projects. Changing the status should then work like a charm.
Best wishes,


Hello again @johnnydubois13 ,

Further to last night’s comment, I have now made the modifications to the back-end, which is now able to handle user-created sub-directories in /data.
I have just impersonated you and downloaded the results for MarlienMe: it worked without issues.
But do give it a go on your end, and let me know how you fared.


Thanks Alain, I deleted the lib directories and now I’m able to activate the paradigms without any problems!


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Thanks for your help! I can confirm it does work!

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Then all is well :slight_smile: