Error when downloading the results, stuck on "preparing the results"

Hi, I am having a problem where I am not able to download my data. It stuck on “preparing the results for download…”
I saw this post where people had the same problems as me, and you fixed the error that was happening.

I was wondering if something is wrong with Pavlovia again. If not, do you have any suggestions about how I can solve this problem? It gives an error like this:

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Reading through that thread, what parallels are there?

Are you saving your data in CSV or database format?
Is your data folder flat, or does it have subdirectories?
Do you have a lib folder?
Are you able to change your experiment from Running to Inactive and back again?

It seems that there was a problem that is similar to the post I tagged. I contacted @apitiot and he fixed the problem. I can download my data now. Thank you!