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Error when fetching the experiments


After a lot of issues trying to put my experiment online (I never was able to run my experiment because I got a persistent error with Tone.js that gave me as result a blank page), now I can’t even see my experiments in Pavlovia dashboard. Every time I sign in and try see my dashboard I get this message:

Error when fetching the experiments
“unable to list the experiments: TypeError: this.userIds is undefined :\n@:1:15\n”
If the error persists, contact the’s administrator.

Does anyone knows what can be wrong?

Thank you in advance. I would be very happy if someone has some clue to solve this.

Not sure. This is a new one for me to see!
I notice that you have unicode characters in your name but your username (Antonietamtz) does not. When you logged in did you type with no accents?

Hi Jon,

I didn’t typed any accent and I couldn’t log in for days, I had to use another platform to run my experiment online. Surprisingly, I can login normally now, I don’t know what happened but it’s fixed.
If someone have this kind of problem I would suggest just to be patient and wait.

OK, that’s strange. I wonder if there was a network problem or something at the time.

For others finding this, I would like to hear about it if this problem recurs so do report it but, as Antonieta says, it might just resolve itself as well!