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Error when fetching the experiments online

Error when fetching the experiments
“origin”:“",“context”:"when listing the experiments available to the authenticated user”,“designerId”:295995,“error”:“unknown designer”,“errorCode”:null,“httpStatusCode”:404}

If the error persists, contact Pavlovia’s administrator.
who can tell me how to fix it?

Have you changes your designer name from 295995 to aa295995?

Please could you delete the second copy of this question you posted in other?

i change it at gitlab to aa295995 but in psychopy not update

I’d recommend you try changing it back again in order to access experiments saved under your old username.

i have another question
if i not buy the credits i can use the experiments?

You can pilot them without credits (which saves data on the local computer).

i can use the experiments buttom,but when i press the pilot’s still initialising the experiment.just lilke i posted picture . how to fix it?

Do you have any imports in code components?

i can run my experiments on my computer but i can’t run it on web

On your computer you are using Python
On the web you are using Python translated into JavaScript

thank you