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Can't see my experiments experiments

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
When i go onto my dashboard i get this error:
{“origin”:“",“username”:“timentecott”,“errorCode”:null,“user”:{“two_factor_enabled”:false,“username”:“timentecott”,“theme_id”:1,“can_create_project”:true,“bio”:null,“confirmed_at”:“2019-11-03T16:25:05.022Z”,“twitter”:"",“private_profile”:null,“shared_runners_minutes_limit”:null,“linkedin”:"",“color_scheme_id”:1,“last_sign_in_at”:“2019-11-05T15:28:43.234Z”,“web_url”:“”,“last_activity_on”:“2019-11-05”,“external”:false,“skype”:"",“identities”:[],“id”:2752,“public_email”:"",“name”:"Timothy Entecott”,“can_create_group”:true,“projects_limit”:100000,“current_sign_in_at”:“2019-11-05T15:30:03.244Z”,“created_at”:“2019-11-03T16:25:05.131Z”,“emails”:,“state”:“active”,“avatar_url”:“",“location”:null,“organization”:null,“email”,“website_url”:""},“context”:"when listing the experiments available to the authenticated user”,“error”:“unable to list the designer’s experiments: TypeError: this.userIds is undefined :\n@:1:15\n”,“httpStatusCode”:500}
i’ve deleted my email address from this

Although I couldn’t previously make my experiment run, it did previously load before erroring out and I can’t work out what this problem is, is anyone able to help?
Thank you

I also get this error:
“unable to list the experiments: TypeError: this.status2 is undefined :\n@:1:54\n”

If the error persists, contact the’s administrator.

I’ve no idea what to try

Thanks Tim. Yes, looks like something’s gone wrong :frowning:
Will look into it right away

Hi tim. Problem detected and fixed

Thanks for putting us on to it!

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Thank you very much Jon.

I now have an error at the point where my experiment -

  • should load an image after pressing ‘y’ then spacebar, i get this:
    ReferenceError: str is not defined
    I’m trying to work out what this could mean but if you could help me that would be much appreciated.

One of your text components is using code like

'did you see the ' + str(per1) + 'y or n'

to create some text. The error message is because in JavaScript str() doesn’t exist as a function. You’ll need to create your message as a Code Component in PsychoPy (rather than setting it in the parameter of the Text Component) where you can use your existing code to create the text for Python and probably this in JavaScript (@dvbridges might correct me) :

msg = 'did you see the ' + per1 + 'y or n'

Then you can use $msg in the Text Component now that it’s being created differently for the 2 languages