Error when attempting to read column header within a nested loop

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:

Hi all,

My experiment runs locally on PsychoPy, however, I’m having an issue with running my experiment online on Pavlovia. The error which I receive is “Config is not defined”. Config refers to the name of a column header within a excel file which is associated with a list of several other files.

Here is an image of the section of my routine where the error occurs.

The error occurs when it reaches the loop entitled “State”. The ConfigurationList loop attaches an initial excel file which lists 36 separate configuration files, which are selected at the Configuration loop according to the participant no. (which I designed through a code component). The State loop then selects the first row of a column entitled “Config”, which enters another excel file which contain the files which are to be randomly chosen from.

This is a picture of the loop settings for “State” where the issue is occuring. I have inputted 0 into the selected rows as I only wish to select the first row of the column “Config”.

Screenshot 2022-01-31 114212

It seems as if Pavlovia can read the initial excel file, but cannot read the files within that file in order to find the column header “Config”. I hope that my experiment explanation makes sense, as I know its a little complicated.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Many thanks,

Nevermind, the issue seems to have been resolved. I discovered that one of the loop names was the same as the column header, “Config”. Which I had fixed earlier locally, except the fix had not successfully been pushed online.