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Error in reading nested loop excel file for online version

URL of experiment: Pavlovia (Experiment is public, for testing, give “group” the value of either “A”, “B”, “C”, or “D” so that the programm knows what list to use)

Description of the problem: I’m programming an Experiment in which participants see three successive circles (at different location - depending on the current experimental block) and then should indicate with the help of the mouse the location of the final (third) circle. The flow looks like this:

The loops “Blocks” & “BlockCond” are used to mainpulate the order of different experimental blocks and reading of the corresponding excel files works fine. Yet, for the “Sel_Trial” Procedure, the corresponding excels (“CO.xlsx”, “RL.xlsx” and “LR.xlsx”) files are read errorneously.
Two major problem occur:

  1. The headline (first row of RL.xlsx) is read coorectly (these files have 9 colums), yet, the programm then reads only the information from the first cell (the information given in the first column “Dir” - a screenshot of the relevant excel file can be found below) and spreads it across all column headlines (below i attached a screenshot of the console entry). In the next trial, the programm takes the next cell (the information given in the column “P1” - please note that it does not read the number/digits at all - see major problem 2), in the next trials, the next cell (information from P2) and so on so that the programm takes 9 trials to read the information which was indicated for one trial. Here the corresponding console entry from Microsoft Edge (this is identical to the console entry of Firefox, so i don’t believe it is a problem of the internet browser).

  2. The programm does not read the number values / digits given in the excel file (colums 2-5 in the excel files). In trials 2-5, no information is read by the console although digits / numbers are given…

What I did to solve the problem: I checked the .xlsx file for to many colums / rows (as Jon did here: [Problem import xlsx conditions file - #5 by jon]), saved and loaded it as .csv file, took a .xlsx file which is correctly loaded online and then just changed the information but did not change anything else. I also tested the problem with my standard browser Firefox (77.0.1 (32-Bit)) and Edge (Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0).
I’m not sure what esle to do as I don’t understand why the programm reads the first row (headline) correctly but then just reads every cell on its own… Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I’m out of ideas!!!

I was able to solve the second problem - I used an Excel file which was read correctly and then manually change all information (without any copy and paste) and now also the numbers / digits are identified by the programm - I’m not sure what i did differently than the first time i tried this, but this time it works… Still, no solution for my first problem that the information from one cell is split across the different columns. If anyone has an idea…
EDIT: Found the problem which causes the wrongfully reading of the excel file - it is that I only want to select one row- the problem is also described here:, yet no solution exists to this point…