Loop Variable Undefined in Pavlovia

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/jessicaudry/study-1b-d2-help/html/

Description of the problem:
In my experiment I have a nested loop. Participants are first assigned to one of 24 conditions. Then, in the next inner most loop, they are sequentially moved through 4 iterations of the procedure to allow for a break. The final inner loop contains the text that needs to be included in each trial.

The experiment works perfectly fine in PsychoPy, but when I upload to Pavlovia I get this error saying that my conditions file in the second loop $condsFile, which calls from the spreadsheet in the outermost loop, is not defined.

Any ideas?


your experiment lasts too long to come to this point. Anyway, it wouldn’t help if we replicated this error. Do you mind showing us how and where you define condsFile?

BTW. You might want to test your experiment on different monitors. Text was rather larger on my monitor.

Best wishes Jens

This is my experimental setup:

On the counter loop I have an excel file set as the conditions:

On the Condition select loop I call the condsFile column from the first excel document. These columns are another set of excel files:

On the trials loop I call the column small from the excel documents referenced in the condsFile column:


are the condsFiles (*.xlsx files) uploaded to Pavlovia? Check your repository for that. If not, add them as Additional Resources via Edit experiment settingOnline tab.

Best wishes Jens

Yes, I double checked. That file and all other excel files are in my repository.

I figured it out. I had an old line of code in my program I deleted, but the most recent version wasn’t being correctly uploaded to Pavlovia.