Error on pavlovia when saving data - unable to save data for a session that is not OPEN

Description of the problem:
After subjects complete the experiment they see an error that the data cannot be saved with the following error printed out in js

FATAL 09:40:43.389 GUI.dialog psychojs-2022.1.1.js:1257 | {"origin":"Logger.flush","context":"when flushing participant's logs for experiment: eldarlabccl/combinedpart4","error":{"origin":"ServerManager.uploadLog","context":"when uploading participant's log for experiment: eldarlabccl/combinedpart4","error":{"origin":"","context":"when saving logs from a previously opened session on the server","pathWithNamespace":"eldarlabccl/combinedpart4","sessionToken":"2c19983d-9d58-42b4-aada-157894e7b8fc","error":"unable to save data for a session that is not OPEN","errorCode":null,"httpStatusCode":403}}}

Not only that, but once subjects exit they are re-routed to start the experiment over!

any idea what could be causing this error?