Error in Uploading Participant's Results for Experiment - Please Help!

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Description of the problem:
I have had a few participants successfully run through my study without error but I am encountering a problem that I cannot find solutions for online. One of my participants sent me a screenshot that said:

“Unfortunately we encountered the following error: when uploading participant’s results for experiment kparks7/hebblearning”

After downloading the data, I can see that their data did not save.

I have over 20 people who claim to have completed my study but only 11 data files with complete data on Pavlovia (as well as some who just didn’t finish the experiment and have partial data). I therefore know that participants can successfully complete the experiment and I can access their complete data, but I am now concerned that this issue has been happening for many people trying to run through my study and I am missing a bunch of valuable data.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Do you have the Object .toUpperCase error from my crib sheet in your code_JS ?

I don’t. I’m not really sure what that would do after reading a bit about it. Are you saying that my problem could have something to do with the IDs (lower versus uppercase) people are inputting to do my experiment?

No. There was a specific piece of code that I’ve previously suggested that caused data saving problems. If you haven’t added that line of code then it’s unlikely to be related to your issue.

Oh, okay. Thank you for that. I do have your crib sheet saved and it’s been extremely helpful for a lot of things.

I have the same problem. i discovered that if participants said that their internet connection crashed exactly at the end of the experiment, their data file couldn’t be uploaded to pavlovia. I’m really struggling finding a solution for this problem, but I didn’t find until now.

I encountered exactly the same error, really unspecific “error when uploading participant’s results for experiment”, without any further specification.
I am running a training study with sessions from Monday to Friday for each participant. After testing the first 30 participants, now for the 31st this error occurred 2 days in a row for this participant. Thus, it seems that some specific computer/ browser settings may cause this problem (?). The participant reported that the internet connection was stable across the experiment.