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Data cannot be saved

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I’m going to running a online experiment, and now testing whether the code can work properly. When I downloaded the data, I found that the mouse click responses for the last few comprehension questions of the task were not saved. I am wondering whether you could offer some guidance on this issue. Thanks a lot!

Hi @sean0820, I would first recommend using a more recent version of PsychoPy / PsychoJS, as currently you using 3.1.2, and there have been lots of fixes since then. IF you cannot update your installed version, then you can always set the version in Experiment Settings > Use version field. Try this, and resync your project with Pavlovia, refresh your browser cache, and see if this helps.

Hi @dvbridges, Thanks for your reply. I am now having another issue that might need to bother you… That is, when a participant gives an incorrect answer, I want to stop the experiment and exclude their data. So I wrote the code:
“return psychoJS.quit(‘You seem not understand the task. Sorry you cannot proceed’, false)”

However, when I run the code, after indicating an incorrect answer, the page will jump to “thank you for your patience. Data was saved…” rather than showing the feedback. Also, I am wondering whether you know how to not save such kind of data automatically?

Thanks in advance!