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Encountered following error when uploading participant's results for experiment

PsychoJs version = 2020.2

Description of the problem:
We are running a language experiment through Pavlovia. The experiment runs on full-screen and after participants finish the experiment, we ask them to press ‘space bar’ to exit the experiment. When they do that, they have to wait a few moments for the confirmation message that the results were uploaded onto Pavlovia (where they see ‘Thank you for your patience’ and then press OK).

We ran a participant today (completed via Pavlovia synchronously through Zoom) and after completing the experiment and pressing the ‘space bar’ to exit the experiment, we saw the “please wait a few moments” message and waited for the confirmation message. However, instead of receiving this message, we received an error indicating that there was an issue uploading the results (see attached image).

We have checked Pavlovia to see if the data file saved and unfortunately it did not. We are not sure why this error occurred as we had run another participant two days prior and did not see this error at that time. The participant had adequate internet connection throughout the entire experiment and waited for the confirmation message to appear (did not end the experiment prematurely). Not sure if it is just a fluke (this is the first time this has happened out of more than 100 participants) or something happened to Pavlovia during this time. An RA tested out the experiment after that participant and she was able to run and upload results successfully but the data from the original participant was never uploaded…Thank you!

Hi, I encountered the exact same problem: an error message when uploading the results without any other specification. As in your case I collected a lot of participants prior and after the error so it does not seem to be a systematic issue.

I do not have a solution, I am witing this hoping someone sees this thread :slight_smile:

I encountered exactly the same error, really unspecific “error when uploading participant’s results for experiment”.
I am running a training study with sessions from Monday to Friday for each participant. After testing the first 30 participants, now for the 31st this error occurred 2 days in a row for this participant. Thus, it seems that some specific computer/ browser settings may cause this problem (?). The participant reported that the internet connection was stable across the experiment.

This is really interesting,

in the end I only encountered this problem one or maybe twice in my most recent data collection (almost 200 participants). Unfortunately, I did not collect information about the computer/browser setting of the participants involved and now I can’t trace back the participants in question. Maybe you could do it since it happened more recently?