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Error in uploading participant's results - Data loss

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Description of the problem:
Hello everyone!
I just started running my experiment, and I am currently dealing with a very big problem. 2 of my participants’s data was not found, even though they said that they completed the study. one of them said that her internet connection crashed at the end of the experiment. I checked myself what happens when internet connection is not working. I discovered that if the connection crashed at the middle of the experiment, but than it was fixed before the end, the data file uploaded properly to pavlovia. But, if internet connection crashed at the end, the data file could not be uploaded to the server, and this massage appears:

Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • when uploading participant’s results for experiment [experiment name]

This is a big issue for me because I run a longitudinal study and every data loss is loosing a very hard work.

PLEASE tell me there is any way of fixing it! I know that even if the internet is not connected while experiment is running, results are still being saved, and they can be lost only at the server uploading step. So, maybe is there another way reaching results? maybe through participants computer?

Thank you in advance!!


Hi Neta,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this.

Firstly, can I please check that you have the “save incomplete results” option selected. As below,

Annotation 2020-09-03 094103


Hello Becca!

Yes, I have the “save incomplete results” option, and it is working, only when the internet is connected.

I had the save issue a few days ago. Participant informed me that they received an “upload error and if it persisted to contact the administrator.”. This only happened with one person, and I got one of their sessions (follow up session), but not the initial session. I was wondering if there might be a way to retrieve the data?

Sadly, I didn’t find any solution for this problem :frowning:
At first I found that if participants connects their computers to the internet before they are closing experiment tab it will save the data.
But I just found out it doesn’t work for all participants.
I think Pavlovia’s team should resolve this… they need to write a code which command to download data file in case there is no internet connection.