Error in Pavlovia regarding play()request and showing feedback after the loop was supposed to break

URL of experiment:
JTC_AG_22_03_2024 [PsychoPy] (

Description of the problem:
Hello, in the last two routines I wanted to add a condition that will make the loop (trial and feedback) finish after 30 seconds. I tried using the code provided here: End routine after specified time - Builder - PsychoPy but there are two things that are not working correctly:

  1. Before going to another routine at that 30 seconds the program is showing a video and a text feedback even though nothing was clicked and the feedback is supposed to be shown only after clicking the left or right key.
    So right now after 30 seconds the program is showing that unnecessary feedback and going to the next routine (as it should be, but without that last extra feedback without clicking anything that would cause that feedback to show).

  2. Even thought the experiment is more or less working locally (despite the 1. point), when uploading it to Pavlovia I get the following error:

Unfortunately we encountered the following error: when attempting to play MovieStim: videos_money_WL AbortError: The play() request was interrupted by end of playback. Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the experiment designer.

I am able to click OK then and the experiment is running “correctly” but unfortunately there can’t be any errors at all so I could share that procedure later.

Any help will be highly appreciated! Have a good day!