Video terminates too soon in second run

Description of the problem: hello! I am working on an experiment where I present a video stimulus in every trial. Although it works fine locally, it doesnt work properly on pavlovia. I put and myMovie.stop() lines of codes to places where they are suggested to be put, but it only solved the “display of the last frame” problem.

Now my new problem is: the videos are terminating way too soon in the second iteration: for example, if the video is 3 secs long, it flashes for 0.2 secs and then disappears immediately. It works just fine in the first iteration though (i.e., 3secs long video plays for 3secs and then disappears).

what can be the reason for this issue? is there anybody else who encountered a similar problem and solved?

thanks in advance, tutku

Hi There,

This sounds like the issue of movies not playing for their full duration when presented more than once.

A possible solution is suggested here :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

as I said, I tried that solution. but it only appeared to solve the problem of last frame presentation. the flashing of the video (it is still in a dynamic form instead of being a static last frame) persists.

Hi There,

I put together a short demo project on pavlovia in response to this comment here -> Problem with display of movie stimuli on Pavlovia

The settings in this seem to allow the movie to be presented on multiple iterations. Perhaps check your movie parameters against that used here to see if this helps resolve the issue.

Thanks and hope this helps,