Online experiment freezes after few trials

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I have an experiment with video stimuli to be played. In pavlovia it works until the 10th trial. After that the video is not played anymore and no error is shown in the Console . When less trials are run, 4 or 8, all goes as it should be: the experiment stops when all trials are finished.
I tested the experiment on different machines (all Windows machines) and I have a similar issue: at a certain trial stimuli/video are not played anymore and they freeze. The videos are .mp4 and each of them is ~1MB.
I tried increasing the browser cache and it seemed a bit better, since I could see some additional frame of the 10th video.

The size of the resource folder is ~800 MB, I hope it is not a matter related to the big folder dimensions.
If someone of you has a suggestion, I’ll appreciate it.
Thanks a lot!

Hello @mariacarlaMemeo
Have you figured out what was the problem?
I have the same problem now: the experiment has videos followed by pictures, and it freezes every time I run it on Pavlovia.
Every time it is a different video and a different number of trial (already happened after 5th, 20th…)