Videos don't loop on Pavlovia

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Hi! I am having issues with getting my videos to loop in Pavlovia. I ticked the option to loop playback in the component view but this doesn’t do anything. I also tried with reset() method:

if movie.status == FINISHED:

This only makes it play for a second time because then Pavlovia doesn’t switch movie.status to FINISHED but rather it leaves it as STARTED. So, my problem here is how to ‘catch’ when the video is finished so that I can successfully implement .reset() method. There must be a way because after it playes for two times, if I exit the fullscreen, it plays for another time. This could mean that I have to access the .draw method, but I am not sure how to do this.
Thanks everybody!

Hi There,

Please can I check what version of psychopy you are using? I know this was a bug in a previous release but I think this was fixed more recently.


Hi @Becca! Thanks for your reply. I actually use the latest version, I try to update regularly.

Hi There!

Ok brilliant! in that case please can you share a minimally working demo of the issue you are having.

Out of interest what happens if you have your movie inside a loop without the loop playback option selected, does the movie restart successfully?


Dear @pavle, a fix is on the way, thanks for flagging, x