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I’m getting an error while attempting to download data from my study’s dashboard. I have previously downloaded all files without any problems but I am now getting stuck on “preparing the results for download…” before an error message saying “malformed server response: missing download token” shows up (just like this post: Cannot access dataset from Pavlovia).

I am hoping that’s the extent of the error (that the data is recording fine, just an issue with preparing it for download), but when looking at the csv files listed on the gitlab, I am ‘missing’ some that participants claim they completed (each participant visits the link 12 times, one participant claims to have made 6 more visits than I have csv files for). This could be the participant being dishonest :melting_face: or some other explanation (bad internet?) so may not be an error on your side. Would you be able to confirm if all recorded sessions are present in the gitlab > data folder?

Apologies if I should have tacked this on to an existing forum post, I was hoping to flag this ASAP as testing is ongoing.


If your data is set to save in CSV format then you should be able to see the data files on the server in code and retrieve them by syncing instead o using the download data button.

If you are saving to database then you can only access the data via the download button but completed participants should have log files in the data folder.

The most likely reason for missing data is because the participant closes the tab before the data has finished saving. If they see “Thank you for your patience” then the data should be saved.

If you are getting a missing download token error then there might be something in your account that needs fixing. Do you have any other experiments in your dashboard? If so, can you download data from them?

Thanks for the swift reply. Yep, the data is set to save in csv format, and I can access and download a list of csv files through GitLab fine. The combination of the “preparing for download” error + participants claiming to have provided more data than I have made me concerned there was a deeper issue (but as I said, the participant may be mistaken).

Do participants need to wait for the “thank you for your patience” message even if I have the study set to “save incomplete results”?

I do not have any other experiments on my dashboard, so can’t confirm if there’s a general download issue with my account.

Saving incomplete results will fail if the tab is closed too quickly, so certainly can’t be relied upon.