Cannot access dataset from Pavlovia

I cannot download one of my datasets from Pavlovia (and its been happening ever since the servers were overwhelmed last month | NB: username/exp – marybeth/litbi_distractor).
It is the only dataset I am experiencing any difficulties with and I believe it’s related to the server crash in April as it is the same dataset I was trying to download when the crash happened (Response to “Gitlab Pavlovia is not responding”).
Since the crash the experiment page is either stuck on ‘preparing results for download’ or more recently, if the download button does become available, it gives me the attached error message immediately upon clicking the button (could be a similar problem to Pavlovia servers malfunctioning)

Hello @marybeth ,

You are correct that this is indeed linked to the issue we experienced a few days ago.
I have just fixed the download problem for you.
With my apologies.


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