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Eliminating Audio Clicks


I am making a detection task experiment using sound, and noticed that there’s an audible click after each stimulus ends. I have a 20ms ramp at the beginning and end of each stimulus file, so I know the click is being generated in PsychoPy. Any ideas on how to eliminate this?

Going one step further, if the subject responds before the audio file ends, there’s also an audible click before it goes to the next stimulus. Any ideas how I can eliminate this interruption click as well, such as adding a fadeout upon subject response?

This is my first experiment I’ve built with PsychoPy, and I’m using the Builder GUI. Thanks for your help!

Using PsychoPy v3.0.0b7, running on OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan)

By default, PsychoPy applies a Hanning windows to the audio to mitigate clicks/pops (ramping at beginning and end of the sound). However, I don’t think it’s applied to audio clips loaded from files. You can try looking around online for tips for reducing those artifacts at the OS level.

I recently had some issues with clicks that could be fixed with this. Maybe it’ll help you, too, although you’ll need to find the MacOC path for your first.