Editable textbox still showing through after update

Ver: 2020.25

Hi everyone, I am still new to psychopy and trying to make an experiment with the editable textbox. Before the updates, the textboxes would show up if I held the mouse key or pressed anywhere on routines, after the update this only happens on the first routine. So I have a survey instructions routine and after that the survey. The instructions routine shows the text boxes but the routines afterwards do not show it. I have attached the code if that helps. Is there a way I can fix the text boxes from showing up in the beginning? Or should I make a new experiment and restart :\

MDS16IMTDMTV1.2.py (35.3 KB)

Hi There,

so that we can see your builder experiment, please share the .psyexp file (the .py file is the compiled python code).


oooh I’m sorry. I hope I attached the proper file. Could you also help me with one more thing? I have been trying to run the experiment online but each time it just get stuck on the initializing screen. The error on the runner says that there was an unexpected syntax “,” in lines 175 on the js file and 186 on the legacy js file. I try to edit those out but every time it syncs it adds the comma back in.

Thank you!!

MDS16IMTDMTV1.psyexp (115.4 KB)

I’m having a similar issue.

Before updating to 2020.2.5 the textbox worked on every repeat (appeared and accepted text edits on every repeat).
After the update it works on the first repeat (appears and accepts text). But after that it appears but can’t be edited.

Has anyone found a solution?

This was a bug that has now been fixed for next release https://github.com/psychopy/psychopy/pull/3257

For now you can try selecting a previous version from the ‘Use version’ in builder experiment settings and it should work.


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I can get the text box to run at all on version (v2020.2.4) either from using the new feature button or by inserting written code.

I watched the utube video by Jason Ozubko, "Getting typed responses in your experiment’, to try insert a blank box for typed responses for a ‘Free Recall’ session in my experiment and inserted the respective code: It was my first time ever writing code

Begin Routine Tab

screen_text = ‘’

Each Frame Tab

if("backspace"in key_Resp.keys):
elif(“space” in key_Resp.keys):
Key_Resp.keys.append(’ ')
elif(“return” in key_Resp.keys):
screen_text = ".join(key_Resp.keys)
screen_text = ‘’.join(key_Resp.keys)

When I ran the experiment, I couldn’t get the experiment to advance from the second routine to the third routine. No error message or anything, just a blank screen at the end of the second trial, that I had to end the experiment to get off.

Then I watched the newer utube video "How to get typed responses in PsychoPy, 19th Oct 2020’. So I created a small experiment to trial this feature, with a conditional loop that repeated ten times (I’m aware there is a bug now). As I wanted to change the text that appeared above the typed response textbox each time (I’ve ten questions I’m looking to get typed responses for), I inserted ‘$A1’ into the ordinary textbox feature and attached an excel file in the conditional loop (to be a different question). When I ran the experiment, the ‘Default Text’ appeared on the screen, no sign of the end button either and the experiment ended.

I then went back and removed the excel file, and replaced the $A1 from the document column in the textbox feature and typed in ‘This is a test’, saved the experiment, exited out, went back in and then tried running it again. Same thing happened, grey screen, ‘Default Text’, no endbutton to click on and then the experiment ends. I noticed that althogh i sent the time duration to the text, textbox and endbutton (mouse) to infinite duration, the blue line that appears in the routing, was extremely short and not a strip like it usually is, is this something.

So there’s three problems here

  1. Cant get the text inserted into the textbox feature to even appear once, just 'Default Text.
    2.Cant get the mouse endbutton and that text to appear on the screen either
  2. Cant get the text that appears to change with each repeat on a loop. ( Is there a better way than using a column of an attached excel document?).

Hi There,

I am pleased you found the more up-to-date you tube video as I would definitely recommend using the textbox component where possible.

Sounds like you want the start text to be different on each iteration of your loop?

This demo should do what you need. Make sure to run in v 2020.2.4 or 2020.2.3 (click the clock icon > on the ‘Use version’ drop down select the version to use).

Download these files and store them in the same directory
conditions.xlsx (8.5 KB) textbox-variable-start-text.psyexp (9.1 KB) .


Thanks for that! I’m still not sure why my original ones wouldn’t work, but that doesn’t matter now.