PLEASE HELP! Text from previous trial carrying over to next trial in TextBox response--Psychopy v2020.2.9

URL of experiment: textbox test [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I ask participants to listen to a piece of audio then, using textBox, type what they heard. Although I set the default text to set at every repeat, the text response inputted by the participant in the previous trial carries over. This happens when I run the study online but I can’t tell if it works properly locally because when I run the study on builder, the text does not appear at all (issue with the color setting maybe? I tried so many text colors and background colors already).

Could this be a bug with the latest Big Sur update? I’m using v2020.2.9.

Here is a screenshot of my settings for the textBox response:


Text not appearing when running locally is related to the Big Sur update as you say - it’s less Big Sur breaking PsychoPy and more that the changes we had to make for Big Sur to not break PsychoPy broke Textboxes… But Jon put in a fix earlier this week so expect that to be fixed in the standalone version before too long!

As for text remaining through different repeats, this might be a bug specific to running online. Could you either set the experiment to be downloadable by me on Pavlovia or share the .psyexp file here? That way I can try it out on my development install to make sure this is the case, then the JavaScript team can get to fixing it online.

Thank you for your help! I’ve attached the .psyexp file here. I’m not sure how to set the experiment to be downloadable (sorry, I’m the most beginner of beginners).

I tried again and it seems to be working now!

textbox test.psyexp (15.3 KB)

Now I just have to figure out how to get the labels to work on the slider. I get a syntax error on psychopy when running locally and then it won’t work at all when I try to sync to pavlovia. I can create a new post for that in case someone else is having the same issue.