Text box updating in a loop; becoming uneditable

Hi this is my first time asking anything on a forum. Therefore please if I forget anything please let me know.
I am running the latest version of the standalone version of psychopy and windows 10.

I was trying to recreate the youtube video on the psychopy channel called: How to get typed responses in PsychoPy. I followed every instruction as far as I am aware. For the first trial in the loop everything works great I can edit the text box and click on the end_Button which i created to go to the next trial in the loop.
That is where the problem arises. Some how it wont let me update the text boxes that show afterwards. it does let me finish running the experiment. Afterwards the only error message I get is: 6.4401 ERROR Unknown colorSpace: named.

Tldr: I wanted to create an editable text box in a loop refreshing it everytime. But it wont let me edit it once it goeds to the next trial.


Hi Martin,

This issue is a known bug thay you should be able to resolve by selecting an earlier version of PsychoPy Editable textBox not working in conditional loop