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Editable textbox pavlovia, I have to click next button twice to move to next routine

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: One of my routines (“recognition”) uses an editable textbox. For my other routines (and also for the recognition routine when running the experiment locally/offline), the "next button) is working with first click. So only with the routine with the editable textbox, two clicks are necessary to move to the next routine.

It seems that with pavlovia I first have to click outside the editable textbox to allow other components to receive focus? (I’m sure I’m using the wrong words here, but hopefully someone can understand).

Is there a way to circumvent this behavior?


I have the same problem, so I’d be interested in the solution, too.

Hi @mariaveldhuizen, @Monygham, thanks for flagging, this is a bug in PsychoJS. While a permanent fix is on the way, would you like to share your studies with me so I can address the issue in place? Here to help, s.

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Thanks. I don’t know how can I share it, is a link to the pilot sufficient? Or do you want the link to dropbox with the .psyexp file?

EDIT: I created a public, simple toy-procedure illustrating this problem. It can be found under “doubleclick PsychoJS problem” in the “Explore” tab.

Hi @Monygham, yes a link to the pilot on Pavlovia would be fine or you can upload the .psyexp here, x

Here you go. Thank you!

doubleclickpsyexp.psyexp (15.9 KB)

How do I link to my pilot? Can you use this:

or this:

image_validation_partial.psyexp (37.6 KB)

Hi @Monygham, I have staged your .psyexp on Pavlovia and added a potential fix, is it running as expected?

Hi @mariaveldhuizen, thanks for the .psyexp, I have tried staging you project adding a potential fix below, but am missing ‘images.csv’. Would it be possible to give me developer access so I can create a merge request for you to bring the relevant edits into your project? Thanks, s.

Sure. But how? Gitlab or pavlovia portal? I don’t see any obvious buttons.

Sorry, yes, no problem, once you are logged in to GitLab you can follow the instructions below to give me membership rights in the developer role, thank you, s.

K, done

OK great thanks @mariaveldhuizen, I have created a merge request for you to apply the fix onto the project. You should be able to run the support fork in pilot mode to confirm how things work. Please let me know if you need more details, s.

This works great! Thank you!

So just in terms of my workflow planning (note I’m very inexperienced with Git stuff), this is a draft experiment. I’m still expanding and will later upload a different version with a different name etc. How do I then incorporate this fix? Or should I not worry about it because there is going to be a new release with a fix soon(ish)?

No problem, thanks, a new release is indeed upcoming as early as February, but until that happens, please rest assured I would be available to implement a temporary fix as appropriate on subsequent versions of your study, s.


A thousand thanks, it works correctly.
As you see, this is just one routine. I am currently designing a couple of studies, all of which use textboxes, and I would like to implement your solution there. Is there a way I can do it myself without bothering you with every single file?

No problem, yes, you just need to: (a) Copy the whole of ‘custom-lib’ over to the new project and (b) Edit JS output when exporting HTML from PsychoPy to match the above example and import from ‘custom-lib’, lines 5-6 in particular. Here to help if you hit any walls, happy coding :sunny:

Hi! Thank you very much. I messed something up with notifications, so I did not know that you already responded.


Hi! Sorry, I got back to this task, and I do not know where I should get the ‘custom-lib’ from. The link in your last message is dead, and earlier you only gave the link to the experiment’s compiled version. Am I getting something wrong?