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Too much clicking --- textbox and ending routine

I have a distractor task in my procedure: anagrams. Participants need to solve anagrams puzzle: they see letters mixed up and have to type in the correct word made with these letters. I have a routine which displays the anagrams one by one. Then, they need to click “next” when they are ready.

URL of the experiment: Bartlomiej Czajka / textob too much clicking - problem illustration · GitLab

Description of the problem: They have to do a tonne of these anagrams, as I need to weary them a bit. However, pilot usesrs were complaining that they have to click too much. First, click into the textbox to select it. Then type the answer, click somewhere outtside to deselect it (though here is a way to fix it and eliminate the need to click somewhere out of the textbox, thanks: Editable textbox pavlovia, I have to click next button twice to move to next routine) and click next.

I need a Pavlovia-compatible solution, as I run the study only online.

a) Is it possible to use “enter” to proceed to the next routine? The conclusion I got from this thread:

is that not really because textobx takes over the entire keyboard input. Any ideas?

b) Is it possible to set the cursor as default in the textbox, so that the participant can start typing as soon as they see the puzzle and do not have to click into the textbox?

Details of the linked experiment irrelevant to the problem: if someone cannot solve the puzzle for 60 seconds, the next puzzle is automatically loaded, next button is delayed for 3 s., and the entire task finishes either when someone has gone through ca. 25 tasks or after 3 mins.