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Textbox issue on pavlovia during loops

I am using psychopy version 2021.2.3
I’ve built an experiment in which I want to have typed responses recorded for each video presented in a loop.
When in the first round, the textbox I have for my “response” routine allows me to edit it- this is what I want so thats great! Once I move onto the next round the text box no longer work- nor is there a prompt that tells my participant to “type response here”. The same is true for the next round and so on. I just have the first round’s response.

what I’ve done in terms of troubleshooting: I’ve made sure that the textbox is editable, I’ve also had the textbox set every repeat. I’ve noticed that the textbox does work in the 2nd round if I click “esc” to make the window smaller but then in the 3rd round I still can’t edit. I would really not want to have to download an older version of psychopy if it can be avoided… I’ve seen that as a suggested solution for someone in 2020

see video below for visual example

ignore my mess of a browser

I’ve recently had a similar issue myself, Check my crib sheet but I think the solution was textboxname.reset() in the Begin Routine tab of a code component.

do you know if I need to dl a package of some sort before using this code? I have an error stating “textboxname is not defined”

What is the name of your textbox component?

just textbox. when I just have it as “textbox.reset()”, should I have it in the same routine as the textbox, before, or after it?

Same Routine in Begin Routine in a code component that is above the textbox.

unfortunately the issue still remains the same :confused:

for now I used the code in a working experiment on pavlovia which gets the text component to work like a textbox does. the link to their experiment files is below should anyone be interested in using it as well! it worked for me!

Do you have the text field set to “set every repeat” (even if it’s empty)? That fixed it for me.

Yeah it was set to set every repeat and had “click and type response here” as the content but didn’t work, I decided to use code that manipulates the regular text component to behave as a textbox instead


to save you to look it up: It is textboxname.refresh() as stated in the crib sheet.

Best wishes Jens

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